AfA Schools Programme

We aim to make the areas of delivery as focused as possible for your individual school. Rather than offering standard packages, we allow your school to create a bespoke package based on your needs and requirements. Our school’s programme has been strategically developed to support teachers and young people within your school. Our highly qualified team consists of qualified teachers, senior PE leads and top-quality coaches who are committed to developing PE and sport within a school setting.
Below are some of the programmes we offer:

Curriculum Support

Our curriculum support programmes are delivered by a qualified teacher or senior PE lead. The programmes focus on developing the confidence and knowledge of the selected teacher’s delivery of physical education within the curriculum. An ideal programme for Newly Qualified Teachers or teachers who lack confidence or experience in delivering high-quality PE. Selected teachers will receive help and support during sessions & detailed guidance and feedback to help their professional development in PE delivery.

PPA Delivery

A qualified member of our highly skilled team will provide stimulating, challenging and fun PE delivery during teacher’s PPA time for the classes involved. We have our own in-depth curriculum which covers all areas of Primary PE, including Dance, Gymnastics and Athletics, across all Key Stages. We can also deliver from your school’s existing PE curriculum, if you would prefer. Contact with class teachers and the PE lead will be included to ensure class requirements are maintained throughout lesson time and to help build relationships within the class, ensuring a continuity of expectations for all pupils involved.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We provide a broad range of extra-curricular clubs, including breakfast and lunchtime availability, delivered by a qualified member of our delivery team. All our clubs promote a healthy and active lifestyle while developing sport-specific and fundamental skills. Each club can be designed to have specific focuses for targeted groups identified by your school. Each session is designed to develop age-related skill mastery of the chosen sport or activity through engaging and challenging games and tailored coaching and nurturing.

PE Observations

Our whole school observations in PE delivery involve a qualified teacher observing the teachers in your school deliver a PE lesson, providing detailed and reflective feedback and action points. The PE lead and Headteacher will also be provided with an overview of the quality of PE delivered within the school, outlining areas of current strength and areas for development.

Sports Ambassador Training

This programme provides Year 5 and Year 6 pupils with the training to become a positive and empowered part of your school’s extra-curricular delivery. Pupils will have opportunity to develop their own pupil voice, whilst learning how to guide others in positive choices and high-quality sport and exercise. Sports Ambassadors can be an invaluable asset to the PE lead and wider school.

Lunchtime Supervisor Training

Our lunchtime supervisor training course is designed to support supervisors, AOTTS and additional members of staff who assist in lunchtime activities in their duties. This training will provide the candidates with the knowledge and skills to provide a safe and stimulating lunchtime provision for pupils, promoting positive and active attitudes to their lunchtimes.
Subject Lead Support
We support the PE lead within your school by ensuring that the curricular and extra-curricular activities offered to pupils are meaningful and progressive. We provide feedback and action points on how to develop your whole school PE & sport provision to ensure that every child can benefit.

Personal Best Challenges

The Personal Best Challenge programme is delivered at the beginning and end of each term, involving whole school participation. Every pupil within the school will take part in an activity where they self-assess their performance and growth throughout the school year. A wide variety of individual challenges are set for pupils which develop key skills such as; confidence, self-esteem, leadership and resilience. Personal Best also provides a fantastic opportunity to develop parental engagement and promote the importance of physical & mental health and wellbeing.

Reward Days

Provide your pupils with an amazing reward, via our huge selection of inflatables. Perfect for enrichment days, team building, sports days, school fayres or other possible events. Hiring our inflatables will create an unforgettable memory for your pupils and staff.

Gifted & Talented Delivery

Our sessions aim to provide the gifted & talented children in sport within your school with the challenge and drive they crave to continue their sporting development. We work closely with these children to push their abilities and understanding, increasing their knowledge of various sports and actions. An excellent opportunity to also develop their leadership and resilience skills, both of which are vital in their futures.

Virtual Competitions

Our virtual competitions offer the amazing opportunity to engage the whole school in the fun and challenge of competitive sport. Results from the competitions are collated to provide pupils with inter-school competition (L1) and intra-school competition (L2), which can be extremely difficult to organise with busy school calendars. The virtual competitions are an excellent way to develop the governments obesity strategy.

Staff Meetings/ Inset Days

Our staff meetings and Inset day programmes aim to raise the standards of PE and School Sport within your school, while raising the awareness of current issues regarding the subjects. Our training will ensure that there is continuity throughout the school’s delivery of PE, also providing advice and guidance to staff and governors. Staff Training can also include on/off site team building activities for staff.

Quality Mark Support

Our Quality Mark support programme provides your school with the support and guidance to gain nationally recognised awards in PE and School Sport. These awards are fantastic promotions for the school, both within local communities and wider.

Developing 30 Active Minutes

Organising and structuring programmes throughout the academic year to support your school in delivering the governments recommended Active 30:30 scheme. Programmes help to promote and develop physical and mental wellbeing, whilst also helping to negate sedentary behaviour issues that can occur throughout the day, particularly with older age groups.

Sports Premium/ PE Development Review

We will support the school’s PE lead to ensure that Ofsted requirements are met, and a tailored action plan is in place. We ensure that the action plans created are progressive each year to ensure that national and local priorities are met for PE and School Sport provision within your school.

Governor Guidance on Sports Premium and PE

Specifically for governors, this training highlights the importance of PE and School Sport. We guide governors to understand how and why funding should be invested within the school for PE provision. Tailored action plans can be provided if required.

CPD and Workshop Programmes

We have a range of CPD and Workshop programmes designed for pupils and/or parents within schools. We provide an engaging and interactive insight into the chosen topic, with theory and practical based activities. Each programme can be delivered as a single session, a whole/half day activity or after-school, depending on your schools’ needs and requirement. These programmes can also be delivered as part of inset or staff training.

Below are the range of programmes we offer:

Mental Health

As record numbers of young people now suffer from mental health problems, it is vitally important to teach children about their mental health and the mental health of others. Our workshop programme aims to give children the understanding about mental health through theory and practical activities, stressing the importance of being kind to yourself and activities to promote positive mental health.

Growth Mindset

Nurturing a growth mindset within a school can be a difficult task, especially with the constraints of the school calendar. Our workshop programme aims to allow children to understand the meaning of Growth Mindset and to explore the subject through practical tasks designed to highlight the importance of having a Growth Mindset, both within school and across other areas of life.

Handling Change

Changes in our lives and lifestyles can have a massive effect on us as human beings. Children often lack the emotional and social skills needed to communicate their emotions and thoughts during these times. Our workshop programme delivers theory and practical activities to children, to show them coping strategies based around changes in their life, from moving to high school to moving away. These skills are vital for children to succeed in life as successful members of society.

Dealing with Pressure

Young people are having to deal with an increasing amount of pressure in their young lives. From social pressures to the pressure of being successful in SATs and GCSEs. Children can often find this pressure too much to handle and can struggle to cope. Our workshop programmes give children the opportunity to explore different pressure situations and coping strategies for each, through theory and practical application. Children will not only have an insight into the pressures they will face themselves, but also into the pressures that other people face in their lives.

Time Management

Time Management is a vital skill to have in today’s world. Children can often underappreciate the importance of balancing time carefully, either not focusing enough time to a task or focusing too much time and attention to a task and neglecting others. Our workshop programmes allow children to truly understand the importance of time management, acting out different scenarios and learning techniques to properly manage their times carefully.

Yoga & Mindfulness

The physical and mental health benefits of yoga are extremely relatable to the school setting. Controlling feelings, mental health awareness, dealing with stress and positive self-image are some of the many positives that can be developed through our Yoga & Mindfulness programmes. Combing Yoga sessions with Mindfulness techniques and strategies to provide young people with the ability to use these techniques in their everyday lives.

Health & Wellbeing

Our Health & Wellbeing workshops provide both theory and practical opportunities for your pupils to address key areas such as healthy lifestyles and choices, diet and exercise and action planning. We deliver NHS initiatives alongside engaging activities, which can be tailored to your school’s needs.

Disability Awareness Through Sport (DATS)

With clear links to PSHE, SMSC and British Values within the curriculum, our DATS workshops provide pupils with an amazing opportunity to learn new and exciting sports whilst simultaneously gaining an insight into the lives of people with disabilities. Children will play a range of disability sports such as Goalball and Blind Football using Association approved equipment. Children will also learn the background behind the sports and gain a new level of appreciation for their own lives.

Brain & Body Boot Camp

The link between mental health and physical health is clear. The healthier and stronger we keep our bodies, the healthier and stronger our mental health can be. We have designed a military-style boot camp workshop that is designed to test children physically; with army-net crawls, tyre drags and other physical challenges and mentally; with team-building, resilience and problem-solving challenges such as our unique Bomb Disposal Scenario! This brilliant combination of physical and mental challenges is a truly unforgettable and highly-rewarding experience for pupils and staff at your school.

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