Team Building

At Activity for All, we offer a large range of Team Building activities and sessions, catering schools, businesses and other organisations. We use traditional activities such as blindfold trust exercises, alongside unique activities involving our inflatables and other resources. Our qualified team deliver high-quality, engaging and fun sessions to children and adults, strengthen the bonds between those involved and creating a strong team ethic through these activities. Our session can be delivered over a whole or half day, or during Inset times. We offer packages that will be delivered on site at your premises, or the option to come to the Activity for All centre in Bootle.

Below are a few of the sessions we offer:

Trust & Relationships

Building trust between people is a massive part of being a successful team, whether in the office or the classroom or anywhere else, being able to trust the people around you is vital. The activities for this session are all based around building trust between people and groups and strengthening the relationships between all participants. Using favourites such as trust falls, to more abstract challenges such as our Night Trail activity, we aim to provide everyone taking part with a rewarding and memorable experience.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is an essential skill across a range of disciplines and careers. Our sessions help participants to develop their rational and abstract problem-solving skills in a variety of intriguing ways. From mind-bending riddles to physical challenges using our range of inflatables, we aim to test the teamwork and thinking skills of everyone involved to develop resilient and talented problem solvers.


We are always communicating with the people around us. Whether verbally or through our body language, effective communication is key to success in a range of fields. Our Communication sessions help those involved to develop integral skills such as listening, communicating verbally and non-verbally, through a range of physical and mental challenges.


Wellbeing is such an important aspect of success. In order to maintain success, we need to maintain ourselves properly and with care. These sessions focus on our own mental and physical wellbeing, offering yoga and mindfulness activities, as well as exciting physical challenges using our inflatables to provide everyone involved with a positive feeling about their wellbeing.

Breaking the Ice

Introducing new members to an existing team can be a difficult, anxiety-filled task. Instead of creating a circle and sharing facts about each other, try something different through our Breaking the Ice sessions. Using inflatables and exciting games and challenges, we can ensure that everyone will leave feeling part of a strong and unified team, regardless of how long they’ve been there.

Stress Release

Relieving stress in a healthy way is incredibly important for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us. We offer sessions designed to remove every bit of stress through physical and mental activities, such as our Gladiator Duel inflatable and Bubble Football challenges. These sessions help participants to release their pent-up stress in a positive way whilst building relationships with their team and promoting physical and emotional health.

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